Shop Local, Save Big at Richards Appliance!

Shop Local, Save Big at Richards Appliance!

Support a family operation in Salisbury, Massachusetts

At Richards Appliance, we believe we’re all in this together. If you want to support the Salisbury community, buy local. When you give your money to the big-box stores, you’re adding to the wealth of big businesses across state lines. When you shop local, you’re recycling your money back into the community to strengthen the local economy.

More reasons to shop local

The next time you shop at a local business, remember that you’re making a difference. Here are a few reasons to ditch the big-box stores for a more personalized experience at a local business:

  • Better customer service: Employees at local stores know their products – and their customers.
  • Better jobs for the community: Small businesses keep more jobs in the community than national chains.
  • Better use of local taxes: Local businesses make better use of tax incentives than chain stores.

Richards Appliance is a proud advocate for “Think Local, Buy Local, Be Local.” Support your local community – shop at Richards Appliance and other small businesses in Salisbury, Massachusetts. Stop by today.